The Corbly association was formed to honor the contributions of Reverend John Corbly, a prominent early settler of western Pennsylvania. Reverend Corbly served in the militia during the Revolutionary War and started over 30 Baptist churches in Kentucky, Pennsylvania and Virginia (now West Virginia). In a tragic event, his 2nd wife and 3 children were massacred by Indians as they travelled from their home to a church service in Garards Fort. Two other daughters were scalped but lived through their ordeal.Reverend Corbly was married three times and had 17 children. A reunion of his descendants was initiated in 1932 and continues to the present day. The event is always held the last Sunday in June at the John Corbly Memorial Baptist church in Garards Fort, PA. It is open to all Corbly descendants as well as those interested in the early history of western Pennsylvania.
2024 Reunion Info! 

Special Reminder:
The 2024 Corbly Reunion will be held on Sunday June 30, 2024. Activities will commence after the church service scheduled to begin at 9:30 a.m..


Reverend John Corbly (1733-1803)

An Irish immigrant apprenticed to a Pennsylvania Quaker family  in 1747.

Served as a Revolutionary War soldier, chaplain, militiaman, draftsman, judge, patriot, and Indian fighter.

Family killed during the Corbly Massacre on May 10, 1782.

Arrested, imprisoned, and exonerated during the Whiskey Rebellion in 1794.

Founder or co-founder of 30 Baptist churches west of the Appalachians.