Early Reunion

1930 Reunion

Before the Corbly Reunion was initiated, the Garards Fort community had a reunion at the Goshen (now John Corbly Memorial) Baptist Church.   I obtained this photograph from my aunt, Mary Lou Everly.    In the front center, second row,  a mother is holding an infant with a young tyke to her left.  Those two children are Sherdel and Eugene Everly with their mother Belle Everly.   My uncle Sherdel was born in 1929 so I’m rather confident the date was summer 1930.  -William Miller (Jan. 2015)


Who are the people in the photo?? In the 1980s, this photo ran in a newsletter entitiled “ from the Fort.” The following individuals were identified but not matched with their location in the photo. The names listed were: Rev. Haggi, Tom Stephens, Dorothy Richie, Ja A. Henry, Ivan Vonney, Fannie Minor, H.M. Henry, Nelbie Morris, Violet Henry, Wilbert Brand, Sadie Henry, Mary Ross, Warren Roberts, Laura Gwynne, Alice Ross, Iva(Ira) Brown, Louise Dulaney, Freeda Minor, Martha Fox, Thelma Brand, John Steele, Irvin Fox, Grace Ross, Amy Steele, May Brown, Edna Baily, T. Ruse, John Haggai, Franc Baily, Minor Stone, Millie Henry, Morne Minor, Belle Minor, Meade Barclay, C. F. Jones, Cephas Cole, Margie Fox Ed Morris, Lula B McPherson, Carrie Brewer, Helen Halfin, Freeda Halfin, Leana Ross, Alice Minor, Dr. Wright, Margaret Conway, John Henry, Jim Henry, Belle Everly, Sherdel Everly, Eugene Everly, Guy Everly, Bill Richie, Rayfield Honsaker, Phoebe Ross, Rev. Jones, Ken Minor, Robert Minor, Verea Minor, Ann Dulaney, Alvera Minor, Laverne Chalfin, Blanche Flenniken, Edna Baily, Virgil Brand, Eulala Minor, Columbus Henry, Laura Longanecker, Anna Garard, R. H. Johnson, Lizzie Johnson, Grace Garard, Chas Hart, John Henry, Sr., J. Barclay, Annabel Hart, Edward (Edgar) Blackshere, Betty, Blackshere, Wilbur Barclay, Wilbur Brown, Margaret Barclay, Martha Barclay, Clarence Barclay, Sarah Barclay, Beulah Jones, Audie Brand, Marie Brand.