Corbly Marker_GarardsFortCemetery

Corbly family marker at Garards Fort cemetery

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Cornerstone Genealogy has compiled a Corbly bibliography.  Their website is:

Digital Public Library of America

Ships’ passenger list

History of Ellis Island

Corbly Farm & Massacre

Mary Beth Pastorius Preservation of the Corbly House

DNA Genealogy
While we do not endorse any of the companies listed below they were mentioned by Rebecca Kichta Miller during her presentation.
FTNA Genealogical Personal Ancestry
Ancestry DNA
National Geographic Genographic Project


(1) Don Corbly has recently published three excellent books on Reverend Corbly’s wives. They are available at at price of approximately $20.00 with regular shipping. The titles are:

The Families of Abigail Kirk Corbly, c 2015.
The Families of Elizabeth Betsy Tyler Corbly, c 2014.
The Families of Nancy Ann Lynn Corbly, c. 2011.

Mr. Corbly’s earlier books, “Pastor John Corbly (c.2008) and “Pastor John Corbly and his neighbors in Greene Township (c. 2010) are available also at the website.

(2) “From Ireland to Whiteley Creek Valley” Leola Wright Murphy and Janet Murphy Tunget

(Please contact Don Corbly to order)

(3)“Frontier Preacher” by  Sam Hossler (Available at

1161 SW Colorado Ave.
Port St. Lucie, FL  34953
[email protected]

Historic Fiction but very close to Corbly’s life. (Rev. Corbly Did have his Bible on day of massacre!)