2019 Reunion
June 30, 2019,
John Corbly Memorial Baptist Church, Garards Fort, PA

The John Corbly Descendants Association held its 88th reunion on Sunday, June 30, 2019 at the John Corbly Baptist Church in Garards Fort with 55 in attendance.  The church, originally named Goshen, was founded in 1771 with Corbly the first pastor. This year’s reunion began with a church service led by Pastor Gary Whipkey, followed by the attendees introducing themselves.  Descendants from each of John Corbly’s wives were present.  Prizes were awarded to the following individuals:  Larry and Donna Stevenson of Garards Fort and Hillary Hamilton, Vermont and Patrick Corbly, Illinois, who travelled the shortest and longest distances for the reunion; Elly Hamilton Sienkiewicz, Washington D.C., the oldest attendee and Ava and Ayden Barnard, Caroline and Owen Corbly, Illinois and Ryan Shull, Indiana, the youngest attendees.                                                                     

Incoming President, David Fordyce detailed the early history of western Pennsylvania, followed by guest speakers, David Cressey, Cornerstone Genealogical Society and Matt Cumberledge, Greene County Historical Society, who explained the mission of their respective organizations.

During a brief memorial tribute, a moment of silence was observed in remembrance of Julian Steenbergen, 103 years old, who passed away in December 2018. He was the oldest member of the John Corbly Descendants Association.

During the luncheon, held in the church social hall, a special “whiskey” cake, made by Lena Galing and a coverlid were auctioned.  Tours were conducted of the Garards Fort Cemetery, resting place for Reverend Corbly, two wives, eleven children and the site of the Corbly massacre monument.

New officers selected for the 2020 reunion were:  David Fordyce, President; Bonnie Corbly, Vice-President; Bill Miller, Treasurer; Kathy Miller, Secretary.  Photos were taken of descendants of each of Reverend Corbly’s wives.

Next year’s reunion will be held on June 28, 2020.  The event is open to those interested in local history, as well as Corbly descendants.  For more information, go to or contact David Fordyce at [email protected].